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The electrical contractor industry is plagued with poorly used “clip-art” icons of lightning bolts, plugs and light bulbs. The clean design of Tully Lighting & Electric’s new logo brings in an everyday icon in a way that is sophisticated, amusing, not formulaic, and, most importantly, accurately reflects Tully’s focus on high-end products and services. Tully’s new branding has been integrated into their new website, van graphics, promotional products and more.

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Boost Marketing: Build a Better Brand

Branding is more than just clever logo design. Creating a brand identity and strategy requires both inspiration and heavy lifting. At Boost, we consider all of the touch-points between your brand and clients, and then we strive to create a consistent and impactful message that builds your brand. This strategy is then carried over into our other marketing disciplines to motivate buyers and retain customers.See More of this Service

Boost Marketing: Print Materials for All Your Needs

Smart design is all about problem solving. Whether it’s a 300-page catalog or a simple brochure, our talented creatives understand how to clearly communicate your message. We utilize new technology to create more rapidly and effectively than ever before, and much of what we develop for print can be multi-purposed for online applications such as interactive catalogs, searchable product databases and downloadable brochures.See More of this Service

Boost Marketing: Bring Your Website into the Modern Era

A good website looks pretty and provides information. A great website generates traffic, converts prospects to buyers, and tells you how. At Boost, we build great websites. We have a full-service team; with marketers developing strategy, designers providing beauty, programmers making it work, and copywriters generating content. All with an eye on what’s next.See More of this Service

Boost Marketing: Advertising for every occasion

When you need advertising that makes an impact, give Boost a call. Our expertise in creative development and media placement coupled with a strong understanding of brands provides results for our clients. Our team of copywriters, designers, photographers, videographers and media planners has the creative mojo needed to make your next campaign stand out from the crowd. See More of this Service

About Boost Marketing
About Boost Marketing

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